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Saudis Cut Oil Prices from Record Highs Amid China Lockdowns


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Proposed IRS Rule Could Penalize Some Heirs of Retirement Accounts

Proposed new regulations from the Internal Revenue Service for inherited retirement accounts would require many heirs to make minimum annual withdrawals from the accounts—leaving less room for the savings to grow tax-deferred over the years. The new rules would provide guidance to the Secure Act of 2019, which made several changes to laws governing retirement accounts. For traditional individual retirement accounts, the proposed rules—which would apply to accounts inherited after 2019—would affect heirs known as designated beneficiaries.

US Mortgage Rates Spike Again as the Markets Respond to the Fed

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I’m 69 and went back to college when my children were grown, but ‘I never got a job that paid well.’ Am I going to die in debt or is there something I can do?

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